Reliable service – have been using for years, never had a problem. Very dependable. – MMC, from 5-star Google Review, November 10, 2021

Awesome, quick, and attentive service. Thank you to Paul T and team for fixing up my Mac Pro trashcan. Always good to support a local business. Thanks again. Will be back to shop for my Mac Book Pro replacement … – Scott A.C., from 5-star Google Review, November 10, 2021

Speedy Repairs I also appreciated the texts from their technicians, they kept me up to date on what was being repaired on my computer with quick replies. Thank you Mac Outpost Wharncliffe team – Deemus X,  from 5-star Google Review, November 1, 2021

Friendly, knowledgeable staff that patiently answer all of your questions. Been dealing with them for a few years now and very satisfied with the service my family has received – Angela G,  from 5-star Google Review, November 1, 2021

Great service and very helpful. Scott and the team did a great job fixing my MacBook and in a short period of time. Really impressed with the way they look after the customer. Have driven by the store for years but never inside – what a pleasant surprise – store is immaculate and has everything I needed. Great job Scott. Will definitely be coming back (just not too soon I hope). -DS,  from 5-star Google Review, October 25, 2021

Mac Outpost, specifically Scott, was very helpful and knowledgeable in giving advice towards the fixing of our Mac. He spoke honestly and was not in anyway trying to just get our business. We will definitely go to Mac Outpost for any further needs. Very personable and friendly! – Natalie T. from 5-star Google Review, October 4, 2021

Highly recommend, was having issues with my Mac and the customer service was extremely knowledgable and friendly. Scott helped me, my Mom and Grandma and was super patient. First place I’ll go in the future if I need any help. Thanks to Scott! – Nate T., from 5-Star Google Review, October 3, 2021

Mac Outpost has a friendly and efficient team, I always suggest my friends and clients to check with them before shopping anywhere else, never been wrong. thumbs up – Bo G., from 5-Star Google Review, October 1, 2021

My laptop decided to call it quits 3 days before my wedding. Of course, I had nothing backed up, my honeymoon itinerary, and wedding lists were on my laptop and it wouldn’t even turn on. I went into Mac Outpost and Scott instantly made me feel hopeful that we could get my data to be able to have my documents. He was incredibly kind, personable, and professional. They got my data onto a hard drive (thank gosh) and Scott gave me a tutorial on how to use the hard drive. He gave me his best wishes for the wedding and sent me on my way as a VERY happy soon-to-be bride! Thanks so much Scott for being so helpful and taking SO much stress off of me! – Tori C., from 5-Star Google Review, September 16, 2021

Took my iPhone in because my charger wouldn’t charge my phone any more, Scott Henry the General Manager took care of my problem while I waited in the store. When he returned my iPhone to me he said there’s no charge for the service thanks Scott! – M.D., from 5-Star Google Review, September 15, 2021