Great service from Scott Henry. – Megan F., from 5-star Google review, March 4, 2022

My family have been shopping here for years! We love this local business for their customer service and knowledgeable staff. Recently, I purchased a MacBook from the Mac Outpost and had it shipped directly to me. There was an issue with it that was not the Mac Outpost’s fault, but the staff at the Mac Outpost made sure it was resolved promptly and at no cost to me, and now everything is working perfectly. – Kathryn B., from 5-star Google review, March 3, 2022

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Would recommend to all. – Doug M., from 5-star Google review, March 2, 2022

I’ve been shopping at Mac Outpost for nearly 20 years now. I think my first ever purchase from them was of an iMac G4!! When I decided recently to upgrade (not the G4 haha), of course I went to them. For starters, they are locally owned and operated. With that comes the benefits of dealing with a local business. More personable service, more interest in the needs of the customer, etc. Paul was excellent in helping through my purchase. Their prices are on par with buying directly from Apple. Benefit? Not waiting 2 hours at the Apple store to get an “appointment” to buy a computer. Of buying a top of the line super computer can be quaint, it’s happening here. Paul, keep your eyes on the news for when I’m running a small country’s developing space program with my incredible new MacBook Pro. Thanks again! – Jon C., from 5-star Google review, February 2022

I have been a customer for many years buying our first Mac 20+ years ago. I recently decided to buy a previously owned MacBook and knew I could trust MacOutpost to find me a reliable product and help me in any way I might need. I was not disappointed my MacBook is perfect for me and as it’s my first laptop it’s great to know Mac Outpost will support me if needed. –  Julia P., from 5-star Google review, February 2022

When my 2009 MacBook Pro died I debated getting a new iMac, but discovered that my expensive peripherals wouldn’t work with a new iMac. It would also mean upgrading all my software, followed by the inevitable learning curve. Instead, I decided to try to find an old Mac that would work with everything I was already using. I contacted Mac Outpost and they outfitted me with a 2011 27″ iMac, and transferred all my data, for a very reasonable price. Everything is working. And I love my new big screen! – Steven H.,  from 5-Star Google Review, February 6, 2022

When we moved to London 12 years ago we were told about Mac Outpost. The first visit sealed the deal. The staff is knowledgeable and very patient with customers. They always go that extra bit for us. We will not shop anywhere else for our computer needs. – Northernlamb, from 5-Star Google Review, February 3, 2022

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. It’s great to support local business where possible. – Andy K, from 5-Star Google Review, February 1, 2022

Brought our Mac Book pro in for service work before Christmas. It was freezing up and shutting down becoming very frustrating and unreliable. The service advisor listened carefully to the issues happening with the laptop and discussed possible repair solutions and costs. The unit was left for diagnostics to determine the cause of the problems experienced, and a follow up phone call advised of the repairs needed and cost. The laptop was repaired and returned to us. It is now performing better now. Thanks for the work done here! – K.B. from Google Review, January 21, 2022

I have been a client since 1985 when Mac Outpost’s earlier iteration was Lyon’s Logic. The expertise here is vastly superior to that of the much larger corporate sales/service centre and is offered in a peaceful calm environment. I have lost count of the number of devices I have purchased here over the years, both new and used, as my needs changed and technological advances were made. Any service and support required has always been offered promptly, efficiently and clearly explained regardless of which staff member I have dealt with. Five stars is hardly adequate! – K. Browne, from 5-Star Google Review, January 21, 2022