The sales person (Matt) was fabulous. Over the next two years I will be converting all of my home/business PCs to Mac!
Deborah C., London

My wife and I were at your store this past weekend. The service and information that we received was excellent to say the least. Thank you Mac Outpost
J&R, London, ON

When asked how can we improve? At present I am quite satisfied with the service I have received from Mac Outpost and have no improvements to speak of at the moment!
Paul M.

When asked how can we improve? Create a cafe shop i.e. star bucks setting for apple users to surf and learn.
Marcelo V.

Thank you very much for the Mac!!!
Paul M.

Very knowledgeable sales staff, felt confident in what I was buying… looking forward to visiting again.
Isaac R.

Return process was very easy.
Cassie M.

It was extremely busy when I came in with the computer, and all of the staff were extremely friendly and apologetic about the wait, which was nice.
Nov 6, 2009 Service Customer

I’m always very pleased with the help I receive from the sales staff as well as the ability to come in and see the newest products and even use them if I desire. I’m not sure how you could improve upon those aspects, but I would say they make for an enjoyable experience.
Dec 1, 2009 Customer

Just keep on delivering the service you currently provide.
Paul. London, ON