You do a great job..on all levels…..sales, service, follow up and training….keep up the good work,.and love the survey, Sue P., Nov 2011

Our experience was great! Can’t think of anything you could have done better. — we’ll definitely be back. A. Jordan, Nov 2011

It’s crazy how much i love Mac Outpost! have been w/ them since the early early days when the office was such an outpost, it was practically in the middle of a field… that was quite a few macs ago; anyway, have always had excellent customer service & fantastic help & advice from Peter over the eons, and the rest of the crew, so YES this is a huge recommendation! – Darene Roma Yavorsky (from Facebook)

Thanks again for fixing this baby up and helping Me with the back up process! Very much appreciated! You sure don’t get good service like this anywhere these days…. Best & keep rockin’ & rollin! – recent service comment

The people at the Mac Outpost were knowledgeable and friendly and finished my repair extremely quickly. I was expecting it to take about a week but it only took a couple days! I was able to have my laptop back in time for school. Great experience! – recent anonymous service survey

The employees are very welcoming helpful and knowledgeable about the apple products and go above and beyond their duties to keep their customer happy. – recent anonymous service survey

They did an excellent job!!!! – recent anonymous service survey

…you are the best. – Tricia B.

Just wanted to thank you guys so much for the wonderful service. Your hardwork keeps me coming back. (I especially loved the thank you letter in the mail!) – D.R.

Elaine Cougler’s blog entry about her experiences standing in line for the iPad 2 at Mac Outpost! Blog link here