I truly believe that Matthew deserves much recognition for his work and extreme kindness. He certainly
when above and beyond the call of duty in order to help me.
Jessica, December 2010

Was served by Scott H today and just wanted to report it was a very good experience – he even sold me the (Applecare Protection Plan) extended warranty (which I never buy)
-Bob, London, ON, Nov 16, 2010

Very professional and honest dealer – I trusted them completely

Thank you for providing the expertise required regarding cabling, for my very specific application. To be frank, I was not aware of the actual retail costing of the DVI Video Cable. I am now aware, that the retail price I paid, was well below the typical retail price for this product. The fact that your firm has provided me with this product, despite what must have been low or negative margins, serves to both impress me and make me a patron of your shop.
For several years, I have purchased Apple Hardware and Software from the Apple Store On- Line. That has changed. I will be certain to visit your store from this point forward, for all my Apple needs.
Please be sure to thank your team on my behalf. I am very grateful for the time spent, and the courtesy.
-Eric, London Ontario

…the service department was awesome to deal with made my issue seem very important to them they really take ownership of the situation.

The quality of customer service provided to me was outstanding. The representatives from the Mac Outpost were so professional understanding and accommodating. It is very rare to experience that level of customer service nowadays. I was thoroughly impressed

I am very satisfied with the service and the response to the problem of my computer.

I enjoyed my experiences with the Mac Outpost in London ON. They were quick professional and did a great job.

Before I knew about your store – I shopped at (another local competitor) on Wonderland. With respect to helpful & friendly service – the people in that store started out well – but gradually seemed to be more focused upon their corporate customers and less so upon their individual customers. It is your staff – (owners, technical staff and sales staff) always so helpful, friendly and interested – that is your strength and why I keep coming back!

Its nice to have a local store with Mac expertise. (Other Toronto retail) stores are nice but they are so crowded you cant talk to anyone.