The employees are very welcoming helpful and knowledgeable about the apple products and go above and beyond their duties to keep their customer happy. – recent anonymous service survey

They did an excellent job!!!! – recent anonymous service survey

…you are the best. – Tricia B.

Just wanted to thank you guys so much for the wonderful service. Your hardwork keeps me coming back. (I especially loved the thank you letter in the mail!) – D.R.

Elaine Cougler’s blog entry about her experiences standing in line for the iPad 2 at Mac Outpost! Blog link here

Thanks for a great shopping experience in buying my FIRST Apple computer! – Mark D.

I was delighted to discover you. Thank you for listening carefully to my needs and finding the best solution for them. (You’re MUCH saner than the Yorkdale, Toronto madhouse experience!) – Anon

Just recently changed from PC to Mac and I’ll never go back! – John F.

I appreciated the knowledge, expertise, friendliness of staff–thank you! I continue to be an Apple aficionado. And I will be a frequent Mac Outpost customer. – Sally F.

I went to Mac Outpost because I want to deal with a computer store staffed by knowledgeable people who will be there if I need help or service. Big box retailers love to sell products, but their service in the event something goes wrong is terrible. Equally, I hate 1-800 help lines (it takes forever to get through to someone and they seldom know how to fix the problem). I want to deal with real people who know about the products they sell and care about their customers. Mac Outpost has that reputation. – John D.