it’s a beautiful thing. congrats to you all! – B.H.

Wow, the store looks beautiful guys. Well Done. I can’t wait to come in a check it out! – L.G.

Congratulations and best wishes on your new location. Must try and drop in to see you there. – H.T.

Wow, the store looks great… Can’t wait to visit it in person! – D.B., London

Congratulations !!   Smart,elegant, uncluttered,open to overview,easy to assimilate,harmonious in colours, well proportioned counters, no blind corners —- I could go on, but in summary, it’s brilliant. This is a winner,  and will be the most outstanding outlet in the mall. !   A prize for the first smiling enthusiast that  flattens his nose on the glass entrance (probably me !)  Has to be worth all the work that went into it ! – H.H.

I’m really looking forward to visiting the new MacOutpost on my next visit from Africa.- R.L., Namibia

Congrats on new store. Keep up the great things you are doing and it’s sure to be a success. – R.R., London, ON

It is my pleasure to send heartiest congratulations for establishment growth leading to expansion,– a clear indication of success. I don’t drive any more but do continue, occasionally, to enjoy some business with you. Please give my best to the “gang.” I don’t want to leave anyone out, nor am I familiar with changes, so please forgive my generalized recognition of first class individuals as management, staff, and providers of ,services. I look forward to following developments and, perhaps, visit the new scene, (no disrespect to the original, you understand ! ) Best regards, J.B., London, ON

Well done. It has been needed for sometime. More parking and more room. You guys have been the core of our Apple family in London. It is great to see you making moves to make it more accessible for us. We will see you there. I am so pleased with the kind of outlet you have been and the service you have provide for us. We will see you there. -B.P., (from Facebook)

So happy to hear you are opening a second location. I have a mild mobility issue and find the steps into the Wharncliffe location a problem so the new White Oaks location will be perfect for me and much easier to get to as we live in St. Thomas. Love your classes and your service is swift and friendly and you have an amazing amount of patience for those of us who are not computer savvy. – M.C. (from Facebook)