I have been an Apple convert for many years now. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the technical support I receive from the Mac Outpost. I am inexperienced with how to fix simple problems with my devices and to be able to walk into the store and have one of the very professional and friendly staff assist me is a blessing. Today it was Scott who assisted me and fixed a problem with my iPad and he explained exactly what he did. Scott, from my heart, thank you. For rookies like me, it feels very vulnerable to lack computer knowledge but knowing the Mac Outpost is there to assist is so reassuring.  – I. Douglas, from 5-Star Google Review, July 18, 2022

I had a great service experience from Scott H when he recently looked after my MacbookAir while I waited! It was a nice surprise to walk out of the store with the problem fixed @ $ 0 charge. nice customer service Scott. cheers – Brian A., from 5-Star Google Review, July 2022

Staff were so helpful when my Mac was giving me troubles! Thank you! – K. Wilson, from 5-Star Google Review, July 2022

Went to them as they had a Mac Studio in stock, unlike the Apple Store. Great to deal with and thoroughly recommended. I’ll be back! – Mark C., from 5-Star Google Review, July 2022

Thank you Mac Outpost! My 2014 iMac is back and better than ever! You did a great job in letting me know about how much it would cost, and how long it would take to fix. Very accommodating and I appreciated it. If I need to use your services again, or decide to upgrade in a few years, I will definitely be calling on you. Well worth the drive from Waterford!  – J. Jarvis, from 5-Star Google Review, June 2022

Very helpful and professional. I had the item within days of ordering instead of the 2 months I would have had to wait. – M. Hols, from 5-Star Google Review, May 2022

Thanks for the help this morning cleaning out my charger connection more thoroughly. An easier fix than what I had anticipated! – Dennis M.,  from 5-Star Google Review, May 30, 2022

My iMac was becoming slower and slower to boot up, and just slower doing a lot of things. I took it to Mac Outpost where I have dealt for many years. They spent a few days doing a whole variety of diagnostics, and discovered the root of the problem. This was solved by an SSD upgrade, and the improved performance is very obvious. This machine should be good for quite a few years yet. Great job. Thanks guys. – Bob S.,  from 5-Star Google Review, May 25, 2022

Excellent service and advice. Went into the store thinking we needed a new computer but was advised that a much cheaper upgrade was all that was necessary. Happy customer!! We have ben going here for years and have never been disappointed. – Sharon K.,  from 5-Star Google Review, May 18, 2022

My iMac (works) properly. I see that you could not remove the English entries in Mail. I will do with that. Thank you. – Roland B.,  from 5-Star Google Review, May 18, 2022