Very helpful and friendly. Made sure to save the most important files. Couldn’t be more happier to have my MacBook back in working condition! – Sarah S., from 5 Star Google Review, April 2018

Thanks so much for helping us with my suffering iPhone battery. Service was available today Yay! There was no snow on the road… and everything is fixed. Friendly. Thorough. Considerate. Delightful. Virginia. We love you. – D.W., from 5 Star Google Review, April 2018

Virginia was very helpful & has awesome hair. Honestly, she fully briefed us on the risks & benefits of replacing a battery in our iPhone 6 & the fix was delivered in the promised time. In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back”. – David Wright, from 5 Star Google Review, April 2018

Great customer service. Super friendly staff. Nice bright shopping area. Kind of an awkward front door. I don’t think it’s wheelchair accessible – otherwise fantastic. – Sandra R., from Google Review, March 2018

Mac Outpost saved me!! My laptop totally just crashed on me and my hard drive started to fail and I had no clue what to do. As a student, that’s reallt scary. I have an older 2011 MacBook Pro model so Mac Outpost was the only place that carried parts for it. I just walked in and Scott was there to help out! All I can say is – amazing customer service !! He walked me through everything that had to be done step by step and did not have me worry a single bit. I’m happy to say that all my documents were able to be recovered as well as an ease throughout the whole process was provided. Amazing service. Amazing customer service. Promising results! Thank you Mac Outpost, and thank you Scott! 🙂 – Jessie B., from 5 Star Google Review, March 2018

They were awesome! Scott In the store front was very friendly and helpful! The tech Gaven did everything he could to fix my Mac and I left super happy! Thanks a lot guys!! 🙂 – Kayla S., from 5 Star Google Review, March 2018

Bought a new iPad from Virginia recently and was so pleased with the excellent service. She helped me set up the new ipad and I had many further questions that she readily answered. I would highly recommend Mac Outpost and the delightful Virginia. – Cathy D., from 5 Star Google Review, March 2018

Very quick and professional service. Take all my Mac products to Mac Outpost, – Matthew P., from 5 Star Google Review, March 2018

The staff were especially helpful, especially Virginia. I was able to get a good deal on my trade in and a suitable replacement in decent time despite how busy the store was. I had traveled a long way to upgrade my computer and they were very considerate of that. It was worth the drive to London. – Garner H, from 5 Star Google Review, March 2018

On March 20th I went to your store at White Oaks Mall. From the moment I interacted with staff I was put at ease. Virginia helped me retrieve notes I thought were gone forever. I am a senior citizen and not very comfortable or knowledgeable with technology. Virginia’s service has given me a sense of loyalty to the Apple brand. Her attitude service and helpful manner is a great asset to your company. – Marjorie D., March 2018