Well done. It has been needed for sometime. More parking and more room. You guys have been the core of our Apple family in London. It is great to see you making moves to make it more accessible for us. We will see you there. I am so pleased with the kind of outlet you have been and the service you have provide for us. We will see you there. -B.P., (from Facebook)

So happy to hear you are opening a second location. I have a mild mobility issue and find the steps into the Wharncliffe location a problem so the new White Oaks location will be perfect for me and much easier to get to as we live in St. Thomas. Love your classes and your service is swift and friendly and you have an amazing amount of patience for those of us who are not computer savvy. – M.C. (from Facebook)

Nice to see a local enterprise expand – R.M. (from Facebook)

Way to go guys………sweeeeet———-Dr Mike (from Facebook)

The current Mac Outpost has come to our rescue SO many times; not only in buying equipment, but helping us understand how to use it! – W.J.S. (from Facebook)

So pimped you guys are opening up in white oaks mall. Brilliant! -L.G. (from Facebook)

First, let me extend my sincerest thanks for your assistance yesterday. I simply cannot believe what all the fuss is with people fearing Macs! Literally, it IS plug and play!!! I was working on it within 10 minutes of bringing it home! . . . question, why the heck did I wait so long to buy a Mac??? 😉 – S.H., London, ON

Sheila wrote: “Love my MacBook, and will be replacing it next time I get to London. It is still preferable to ANY PC, but too old and decrepit for me. I could get one from the online Apple Store, but I love your service. – April 2013

I came in to enquire about upgrading the memory of my iMac computer. I received excellent service from Iain and Andy. I will definitely be back anytime I have any requirements. Thanks. O.W., London, ON

I am a senior and bought my first computer in the year 2000, so I am learning as I go. I wanted to tell you that your advisors in the service department are getting better and better and I commend you all for your willingness to give help and advice. It is only when I purchase new equipment that I have to phone for help and this recent experience was the best I have ever had with your store. My sincere thanks. M-L P-S, London, ON.