Beauty! Heartiest congratulations at your new location in what I consider the ‘heart’ of London! – S.H., From Facebook

I can feel a shiny new MacBook Pro coming for Christmas. Say hi to Larry H for me – M.P.

it’s a beautiful thing. congrats to you all! – B.H.

Wow, the store looks beautiful guys. Well Done. I can’t wait to come in a check it out! – L.G.

Congratulations and best wishes on your new location. Must try and drop in to see you there. – H.T.

Wow, the store looks great… Can’t wait to visit it in person! – D.B., London

Congratulations !!   Smart,elegant, uncluttered,open to overview,easy to assimilate,harmonious in colours, well proportioned counters, no blind corners —- I could go on, but in summary, it’s brilliant. This is a winner,  and will be the most outstanding outlet in the mall. !   A prize for the first smiling enthusiast that  flattens his nose on the glass entrance (probably me !)  Has to be worth all the work that went into it ! – H.H.

I’m really looking forward to visiting the new MacOutpost on my next visit from Africa.- R.L., Namibia

Congrats on new store. Keep up the great things you are doing and it’s sure to be a success. – R.R., London, ON

It is my pleasure to send heartiest congratulations for establishment growth leading to expansion,– a clear indication of success. I don’t drive any more but do continue, occasionally, to enjoy some business with you. Please give my best to the “gang.” I don’t want to leave anyone out, nor am I familiar with changes, so please forgive my generalized recognition of first class individuals as management, staff, and providers of ,services. I look forward to following developments and, perhaps, visit the new scene, (no disrespect to the original, you understand ! ) Best regards, J.B., London, ON