Mac Outpost is a very helpful location with Apple specialists. I would much rather support this business than go to the Genius Bar. Great people and great service overall – Kent P., from 5-star Google Review, Nov 14, 2020

Dropped off MacBook Pro (2019 w/touchbar) a few days before warranty, they were able to charge warranty for all my issues even through I had received my finished computer after my warranty was over. They were fast and fixed all my issues when I hadn’t understood what the issue was (maxed out speakers, etc. ). 10/10 service, was clean, polite, and followed COVID safety measures. – Emily P., from 5-Star Google Review, October 8th, 2020

Scott and Quinn are very helpful! I love this store! Amazing and knowledgeable staff! – CEE CEE, from 5-star Google Review, October 1, 2020

Amazing service! They were able to find a way to fix my mac and made sure that it was affordable. Highly recommend – Valentina M., from 5-Star Google Review, August 26, 2020


Very nice service. Found what I needed. – Dr. JagCobra, from 5-Star Google Review, August 24th, 2020

Helped me out with a quick fix and did not need to pay.. I do have apple care, but he did not even ask for my details. Honest work 👍🏽 – Ali A., from 5-star Google Review, July 17, 2020

Excellent service, nice guy, he knows what he’s doing, the best 👍🏼 – Ali, from 5-star Google Review, June 29,2020

Had to get the bottom case of my MBP (15 in, mid 2014) replaced during the COVID-19 lockdown. Really happy with the repair, and my MBP is finally back up and working. – Aaron P., from 5-star Google Review, June 13, 2020

Thorough and excellent service – James D., from 5-Star Google Review, June 5, 2020

The only place i’ll be going to from now on! The service is above anyone else, had a screen issue with my iphone 11 pro max not only did they get it covered under warranty for me but they had my phone fixed and ready for pick up in 2 days (during a pandemic too!!) I cannot say enough great things about the Outpost. – Caitlin H., from 5-Star Google Review, May 22, 2020