We’ve known John and Peter since they opened the new Outpost2 store at White Oaks Mall. We’re very happy with the iMac we purchased this summer… Recently, we rented a couple of iPads with some great stands for a trade show and quite a few people came up and asked us about them and said what a great idea it was. I recommend these dedicated business professionals for either your personal or business use! – Esther Vanee, from Anthony Concrete, posted on Google+ Dec 9, 2014

My Mac was returned to me in perfect condition, with an extended warranty. I kept in touch with Mac Outpost and was aware of what was being done, and how much it would cost. I MADE THE CHOICE to keep my laptop here, instead of take it to a random shop, because I wanted the service to be guaranteed under Apple Standards. Thanks to Paul and Virginia for their amazing communication and for giving me reassurance during a time of great stress. You get what you pay for folks – Naghmeh A., From Google Review posted Dec 7, 2014

Mac Outpost has been our Apple vendor of choice for years thanks to their combination of product, service and knowledge. Highly recommended. -Scott Hill, ON Communication Inc.

Byronwood Dental Office uses Mac and Apple products. We could set up Apple computers because of Mac Outpost’s hard work. The engineers are very capable and reliable. We strongly recommend using Mac Outpost services because they are experts on installing Apple products to different kinds of industries. Their customer service is excellent, so it is possible to – Dr. Jeffery Edwards – Byronwood Dental Office

We continue to drop into the store periodically to pick up new products, accessories for products or to get service for our laptops. We value the accessibility of your staff. We have always spoken highly of your business and your service to people we know who have Apple products, and to others as well. – Elenor T., London, Ontario

Mac Outpost has always been a key partner in our business, helping us to maintain productivity and minimize downtime. Their on-site visits to our place of business here in Tillsonburg shows they are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients! Congrats on the new Outpost2 store at White Oaks Mall. I am sure you’ll meet with great success. -Jeff Wies, Creative Director, Red Barn Design Inc.

I have always been happy with the personalized service for sales and I have had good experience with repairs and untangling my software and hardware issues that the people at MacOutpost 1 and 2 have provided. All the Best, John Clement., London, Ontario

We value the accessibility of your staff. We have always spoken highly of your business and your service to people we know who have Apple products, and to others as well. – E.T., London, ON

We’ve been working with Mac Outpost for over 15 years and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Stellar staff and prompt service has positioned Mac Outpost as a key partner for Hall MC. – Simon Hall, Hall Interactive, London, Ontario 

My husband and I have dealt with MacOutpost a few times (buying systems for our 2 daughters and now just recently purchased a desktop for myself.  I dealt with Virginia.  I have to tell you how thrilled we were at the incredible service she provided.  It is so nice to buy a product and have someone go over and above to help you out. I am very new myself to a MAC and she helped explain quite a few things to me.   I will be back. Service is the key, and this will bring us back. Wishing you all the best. Steve & Jenn R. Thanks so much for coming to our rescue on Monday… It was a great help. – C.G., London, ON