The Mac Outpost on Wharncliffe has been our go to place for any and all Mac products we own. They are very helpful with each and every question. We will always return there. It is our tech home. -Susan F., from her 5 Star Facebook Review on March 28, 2017

Hi Guys…. Just a few words of appreciation to all the people at Mac Outpost. Last week I traded my 27” iMac in for a new one. It is amazing and super fast. You went out of your way to offer me top dollar for my trade in which I thanks you for. (Your team) was awesome and a real asset to the business. I am also thrilled about the new Mac Outpost warranty plan that I purchased. Since I will always deal with you guys even though I live in Chatham, it gives me a real sense of security. Anyway, I won’t take up any more of your time. Everyone have a great day and again….. MANY THANKS. Tom B., Chatham, Ontario

Great store with friendly staff! Great alternative to the Apple Store at Masonville.,   Cole M. – From 5 Star Google Review

Virginia was incredibly kind, patient and generous with her time in dealing with me and I appreciated it more than anyone knows… I do thank you for setting it all up for me, it was not that straightforward. There is absolutely NO way I could have managed it on my own. You have a terrific organization… long may it endure. – P.L.S., London, Ontario

Thank you Josh for your amazing service!!! Pam G., London, ON

Everyone here was super helpful in replacing my crashed computer…. Friendly staff, and they know what they are talking about, which is great, because I don’t. – Dawn R., From 5 Star Google Review

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated everyone’s efforts to transfer the data from my old Mac to my new one. I finally got around to setting it up and I an enjoying the new one very much. Thanks once again for you time and effort. You and your team deserve a round of applause! – Heather T.

I came to (Outpost2) at White Oaks mall in London. I was very frustrated and had driven about 90 minutes to get my husbands phone fixed. I was greeted by Luke Gaffan. He told me exactly what was wrong with my phone and that it could be fixed, but would take about an hour and a half, but they were closing in an hour. He was incredibly kind and professional, and when I told him how far I had driven he said he would do his best to fix it in time. This man stayed 15 minutes past closing in order to fix, restore and back up my phone. It would have been very easy for him to just tell me it couldn’t be done but he stayed past closing in order to help me out and save me another 3 hours of driving. I am so grateful that (Outpost2) has people like Luke working for them, that is the reason I will always stick with Apple products. Excellent service, thank you! L. Jenner, October 2016

Kimberly and the team at Outpost2 are hands down the loveliest people. I am so thankful for their expertise and efficiency in solving the issue with my iPhone this evening (it wouldn’t turn on and wanted me to do a factory restore!). I spent over four hours the previous night trying to figure it out to no avail; Kimberly was able to fix my phone in no time, without losing anything I had forgotten to back up – what a gem! The customer service was fantastic as well, kudos to the staffing at this store. I was in a horrible mood last night/all day today, and from the moment I entered this store, and especially at the moment I left with my fixed phone, I was all smiles. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Emily T., From 5 Star Google Review

I’ve never had better customer service, Scott Henry was able to troubleshoot our problem almost instantly and thanks to him and the the wonderful staff at Outpost2, we were able to get my iPhone up and running. -Michael W., From 5 Star Google Review