To whom it may concern, We bought a iPad plus other items from Ali June 11, this year. My previous iPad had broken down. Ali retrieved all my info and put it in my new one, he was so friendly and helpful I would recommend him and your store in White Oaks to everyone!
Shereen T., July 2017

Ali was great help, really knows his stuff and got just got I wanted! I would totally recommend him if anybody is looking for any apple services. – J. Liska, from 5 Star Google Review, June 18, 2017 

I had an appointment with Virginia on Thursday and it’s the first time I left the place feeling happy and capable!! I’m almost an octogenarian so I find myself asking myself – what does that replace that I’m already doing? what the heck, how is that possible? then how does it work? and do I need or want it? The people who usually “help” treat us as though we were born within the last 10 years – they think we are smarter than we are. Of course we won’t easily admit to our ignorance … we’re adults after all, we should stay up to date!! Well anyway, Virginia understands our situation and listens carefully to our questions, reads some of them from our minds and then actually slowly presents the situation. As long as the “stuff” doesn’t come too fast, we can catch on – at least enough to ask the next question. Those people are rare like the re-population of monarch butterflies. Hopefully they’ll find their milkweed soon!! Suffice it to say that I enjoyed my time with Virginia – but don’t tell too many people and have her get too busy. PLEASE keep it quiet, okay? – Terry P., from 5 Star Google Review, June 14, 2017

Such a nice place to go, the staff are very friendly and helpful! Always smiling and willing to help. It’s much nicer in Outpost2 because of its clean layout that focuses on the product. (Your sales team) & Michelle of the service dept are especially helpful, overall this company has always been there for me one way or another. Highly recommended to anyone that needs a repair, or great deals on new products/ accessories. – Dakota H., from 5 Star Google Review, June 8, 2017

I have been going to the Mac Outpost for over 8 years and consistently received “AAA” service! The staff is very knowledgeable on all products and they are ready for any unique questions or issues as they have Apple certified repair techs on site so you always get an answer. The Mac Outpost is always my first place I go to get answer for all my Mac questions (4 iMacs, 2 Macbook Pros) as they make the experience personal … like it should be. Big shout out to Paul and Brandon for setting the bar high when it comes to service. – Andrew L., from 5 Star Google Review, June 2, 2017

I’m writing this on my brand new MacBook Pro! I walked into the store today and walked out with my new computer within 2 hours. Virginia was not only friendly and personable, but made sure I got what I needed. If I could I would give this woman 10 out of 5 stars (I would!), Taylor C. from 5 Star Google Review May 26, 2017

SO great. Virginia was helpful AND entertaining. So totally impressed! Suzie H., from 5 Star Google Review May 19, 2017

I Purchased my first mac computer last week. The staff was super friendly and helpful., Matthew S., from 5 Star Google Review Apr 30, 2017

Wow!!! 13 new Macs and 10 printers installed and connected to one network with software set-up and full data transfer in record time. The technicians made the entire process as smooth and painless as possible. These guys are second to none!, Yvonne from Thames Valley Health Team, London, ON, from 5 Star Google Review

Super friendly staff, Virginia was very knowledgeable about their products and went out of her way to find the best solutions to meet my needs needs. I will definitely be a regular customer and look forward to doing more business with you!! – Donald B., from 5 Star Google Review 6 Apr 2017