Return Policy

Mac Outpost (referred to as “we” below) has a 7 Day return policy on most items in the store (with the exception of Build-to-order Apple units, opened software and ink). This includes but is not limited to Apple Laptops, Desktops, iPads, etc.

A restocking fee of 20% may apply if the product is returned without complete original packaging, or if the product is not longer in mint, resaleable condition.
*see in store for details.

Many items we sell can be returned for up to 30 days if they remain unopened and in original condition (hard drives, cables, other accessories, etc). See in store for details.

Refunds will be made via the original form of payment if possible. Cash refunds over $100 are not possible — in these cases a check will be mailed to you within 5 business days. Debit refunds over a certain limit may also need to be sent via check (most banks limit the maximum dollar amount of debit refunds).

NO RETURNS are permitted on iPods, headphones or anything else we sell that in the course of normal use is placed directly on or in the body (for hygiene reasons).

NO RETURNS on services after they have been performed including, but not limited to, iPad setup charges, Mac setup charges, software installation and configuration charges, out of warranty repair work, onsite service, etc.

NO RETURNS on Black Friday or December 26th/27th.

In all cases returns are at the discretion of Mac Outpost.

Price Protection

Mac Outpost offers 7 Day price protection on brand new Apple Branded computers under the following conditions:

1) Price drop as verified on Apple Canada’s corporate web site

2) Item must have been purchased at our store within the previous 7 days before the price drop

3) Price protection must be claimed within 7 days of any applicable official Apple Price drop

4) This offer is not applicable to short duration price changes such as Black Friday or Boxing Day sales, Back-to-School offers

5) we will provide the determined amount of the price protection plus applicable taxes as a credit on account or store gift card (at our option).

6) Price protection DOES NOT APPLY TO Apple Configure-to-order CPUs (see in store for details on CTO product policies)

Warranty and Support

New products we sell generally come with MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY of varying lengths. In some cases we can conduct Warranty repairs on the premises (we are an Apple Authorized Service Provider for Apple CPU, iPhone and iPad repairs for example).

We strive to have Apple products repaired as quickly as possible! In some situations (when the repair department is exceptionally busy, or parts needed to complete repairs do not arrive in a timely fashion) repairs can be delayed beyond our control.

iPad, iPhone and iPod repairs can be performed at Mac Outpost!

Many manufacturers warranties mandate the sending off of products for repair. In some cases we can help arrange for these repairs, but in many cases the manufacturer expects/requires the end user to directly contact them to arrange for service. Please contact us for more details on these types of issues.

We can generally give advice and guidance on the use of most products we sell. For detailed information on the use of products we can direct you to online resources (manuals, tech notes, etc). In some cases we can arrange for free or paid training that may assist you with the operation of your equipment and software.

Refurbished or pre-owned products sold by Mac Outpost come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty (some exceptions or exclusions apply, see in store for details). These type of products will be repaired or replaced AT THE OPTION OF Mac Outpost. If parts become unavailable for these types of products, Mac Outpost will replace the product with a pre-owned product of equal or better technical and quality specifications as chosen by Mac Outpost.

The Outpost Protection Plan for refurbished / pre-owned product (if purchased with a refurbished or pre-owned Apple CPU) extends the protection coverage of the covered laptop or desktop to a total period of 365 days from the invoice date (unless otherwise indicated on said invoice). This protection plan covers both parts and labor repairs, but specifically excludes customer abuse, liquid spills and/or software issues. Mac Outpost can, at its option, elect to repair the unit, replace the CPU with a pre-owned product of equal or better technical and quality specifications as chosen by Mac Outpost, or refund the original purchase. A combination of new and previously used parts may be employed for these repairs.

Defective or non functioning products can not be returned past the normal return policy dates listed above.

We are not be liable for any damages including (but not limited to) loss of time, loss of data, loss of profit, business interruption.

Customer data is the exclusive responsibility of the CUSTOMER. We believe that all clients should take a proactive and responsible approach to ensuring that data is being backed up regularly, and that the backup data is safe and secure! Mac Outpost assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any data loss (intentional or non-intentional) under any circumstances.

SNAPSHOT BACKUPS of iPad, iPhone and Mac data are held for 14 days before deletion from our servers. The Snapshot Backup is NOT a replacement for a sound customer maintained backup system and should not be relied upon as the primary or only data backup.

User induced issues like liquid spills, physical damage etc. void manufacturer or store warranties.

All items brought into our service departments should be picked up ASAP when work or diagnosis is completed. Items that are not picked up within 6 MONTHS of the drop off date will be considered ABANDONED to Mac Outpost and as such will be disposed of in a method of our discretion. Equipment will only be considered abandoned after multiple good-faith attempts are made to contact the client through the means that the client originally agreed on (email, phone calls, Canada Post).

TERMS ACCOUNTS: Amounts due not paid before the due date will be subject to a 2% per month interest charge

Any client overpayments are recorded as in-store credits. All returned merchandise not immediately refunded to the client are recorded as in-store credits. All in-store credits expire 12 (twelve) months following the date of the invoice on which the credit appears.

Used Computer Purchase / Item Return Policy

The Seller warrants that it owns the Goods being sold / traded in / returned and that it has the Authority to sell the Goods to the Buyer. The Seller further warrants that the Goods are free and clear of all liens, indebtedness, or liabilities.

The client attests that there are no undisclosed defects, damage or malfunctions with the Goods being sold / traded in. If these issues are discovered after the sale transaction, we reserve the right to demand a refund for the item(s) or pursue legal claims against the seller. In ALL cases, “Find my iPhone”, “Find my iPad” and “Find my Mac” must be DISABLED by the end user before a return, trade or sale is completed.

Customer also transfers any warranties and/or extended warranty contracts that are tied to the equipment in the transaction (unless expressly stated and recorded on purchase invoice). The trade-in value negotiated between Mac Outpost and the client INCLUDES any warranties and any attempt to cancel or transfer any warranty will be considered fraud or misrepresentation of the item being sold.

If the client intends to transfer the warranty of a product being traded in, this fact must be disclosed BEFORE the transaction.

Sentinel Details

Sentinel does NOT have access to personal information such as files stored on your computer’s hard drive(s).

Sentinel operates and alerts will be sent to Mac Outpost staff “24/7/365”, but will only be acted upon during normal business hours.

We offers no guarantee as to anticipation of or limiting liability of computer downtime. Sentinel should be considered an extra tool in the IT toolbox to assist the client and Mac Outpost at providing improved, proactive service and response.

It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to ensure that the Sentinel software is installed on their computer.