Which laptop does the co-owner use?!

It’s the 12” MacBook! Last year, I started using the 12” MacBook along with my iMac 27” at work and my iMac 27” at home. The 12” is my go-to for working on the couch or when I travel! I was a little dubious of having only the USB-C port available and wondered whether the screen would be too small. But from the moment I started using it, I was hooked! The retina display is fantastic. It is crystal clear and even with my old-man eyes, I have no problem reading anything on screen! The battery life is excellent so my need to have it plugged in was limited to night-time charge-up. Working off the cloud, I don’t have much need to plug in a lot of accessories and when I do, the USB-C adapter works just fine. The speaker on the 12” MacBook is very impressive – loud and clear! Great for movies! And of course the most obvious feature is the size of the laptop itself. It is so slim and light, it’s not much different than an iPad and even the AC Adapter is smaller than the standard adapter for most laptops so it does not seem like another weighty brick in my briefcase. I can barely tell I am carrying the 12” MacBook!

You can buy the 12” MacBook with different configurations of RAM and SSD and even in different colours. Stop in and get a demo on a 12” MacBook this week!

-John Hauffe, co-owner, Mac Outpost

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