You can trust OutpostIT, your local IT support professionals!

• SAVE productivity: data & hardware downtime
• SAVE aggravation: consolidate services
• SAVE time: single point of contact
• SAVE money: control costs

Remote Backup
whether you have a large amount of on-site data or simply need your database or documents secured, we can help with a robust backup strategy

Pro Email Hosting & Web Hosting – SERVERS LOCATED IN CANADA!
• Calendaring
• Exchange compatible & iCloud friendly

Block Hours Service Contracts
• easy-to-budget IT support
• reduced hourly rate
• in-house or on-site labour services
• priority service
• telephone help desk
• remote control of servers & workstations

BackUp Nightmare!

“The client called in a panic. Their professional photography business was in jeopardy. The wedding photos they had taken for their client the previous weekend were gone. After the original shots had been transferred from the SD cards to the computer, the SD cards had been formatted. Several days had passed and a backup had not been performed on the computer – no automated process was in place.

A happy outcome: “Through the use of our professional data
recovery services, we were able to recover the data and the
photographer’s client was none the wiser. The photographer now
has a robust, automated and offsite backup strategy in place!”
– Jeff Cooper, Senior Systems Engineer, Mac Outpost