Since it is actually Unix under the hood, OS X has some native protection against the worst types of viruses. But the problem these days isn’t viruses that completely break your computer, it’s spyware, crapware, and adware that sneaks onto your computer, hijacks your browser, inserts ads, and tracks what you are looking at. And much of it is legal, because you get tricked into clicking the wrong thing during an installer.

Malware can be very dangerous! Thieves can record passwords, hack into your computer, prevent you from using your Mac or even hold your data ransom!

Once you have a malware infection, it can be very difficult to remove. Don’t worry though, we can help!

Malware Removal Services (part of our Deep-Clean Tune-Up Package):
• scan and confirm malware infection
• remove malware from your system 
• install anti-malware software to prevent future infections
• install MAC OUTPOST SENTINEL to alert us to future trouble on your Mac (see below for details)

Once your system is Malware free our Mac Outpost Sentinel can keep an eye on the health of your Mac. It will alert us to future malware infections or other trouble.

Features of Mac Outpost Sentinel:
• Hard drive operational status / capacity
• RAM operational status
• Applecare warranty status
• Time machine backup status
• remote backup status (if applicable)
• Hard Drive SMART error status
• other hardware errors
• maintains privacy (see sample report below).

What we see…


Privacy & other fine print

Sentinel does NOT have access to personal information such as files stored on your computer’s hard drive(s).

Sentinel operates and alerts will be sent to Mac Outpost staff “24/7/365”, but will only be acted upon during normal business hours.

We offers no guarantee as to anticipation of or limiting liability of computer downtime. Sentinel should be considered an extra tool in the IT toolbox to assist the client and Mac Outpost at providing improved, proactive service and response.