I’m always very pleased with the help I receive from the sales staff as well as the ability to come in and see the newest products and even use them if I desire. I’m not sure how you could improve upon those aspects, but I would say they make for an enjoyable experience.
Dec 1, 2009 Customer

Just keep on delivering the service you currently provide.
Paul. London, ON

Good ‘downtown location. Easily accessible.
Douglas. St. Thomas, ON

I have recommended a friend of mine come and see you folks I own an equipment repair business and can appreciate the value of personalized service and dealing with a person that i knows about what he is selling and can answer my questions, And i like the fact there is no high pressure sales tactics such as you would find in a big box store and also the fact that you service what you sell.
Mike, Thamesford, ON

Always a pleasure doing business with you. We often buy products from Mac Outpost even if a competitor is cheaper because we appreciate the support that you give us.
Alex, London, ON

Keep up the good work.
Michael, London, ON

Sales representatives explained very clearly why I was having problems finding what I needed. Were very friendly and nice.
Jessica, Cromartie, ON

Congratulations in your success over the past fifteen (short) years…
Your business has made a real contribution…
Best wishes for continued success during the next fifteen years.
-Bob Y., Sarnia, Ontario

A note to wish you, John and all the great people at Mac Outpost a wonderful future in your re-vamped premises.
As one of your ‘customers’ I am delighted to know that you are doing such great things… without your continuing help and knowledgeable assistance where on earth would we all be!!!
-Pam S., London, Ontario

I have watched your little firm from its beginnings in a little strip mall through its explosive growth to its present status as a leading provider of technology. This was a growth fuelled by integrity and superb customer service. Well done!