You have a great store…I was incredibly satisfied with the service and the information I was provided- customer for life. – PJP, London, ON

Dear Larry, Thanks for the nice bottle of wine and for your help all year long… Hope you have a great holiday, and all the best for continued success in the new year. Cheers, V.W.

Very impressed with your entire team. Good people and good workers. Cheers, Dave, London, ON

I have been a MAC addict since 1985, and a customer of Mac Outpost from the early days of the dynamic duo–Peter and John–running the business. One can find product anywhere, but integrity, friendliness, and service with class and dependability are in very short supply. Mac Outpost has these in spades. I recommend this shop to all my contacts, without reservation. D. Gillis, London, ON

Quick shout out and thanks to the boys in the service department for yet again coming to my rescue and coming up with a critical short-term fix for me. S.H., London, ON

Just wanted to say “Thanks” for saving my iMac. You replaced the ram memory last Thursday nite and I haven’t had any trouble with it since. I managed to get all my work done for my clients in time! T.P., London, ON

Thank you thank you thank you. I picked up my iMac after having the hard drive replaced and my info transferred by tech staff, and everything works great, just like it should. Thank you for another great positive experience… – N.M., St. Thomas

I picked up my 27 inch iMac today. I am so glad I had you guys do the data transfer. It’s brilliant and everything is right where It’s supposed to be. Maybe it’s just me but it seems to run faster and quieter. Is that possible with this new hard drive? Thanks again for superior service and I would highly recommend your OS and data transfer service package. Cheers and have a great day – T.B., London

I had an unexpected experience yesterday. Needed some advice regarding an error message coming up on my desktop when I was upgrading my operating system… Needless to say, I called my old faithful the Mac Outpost, and Bingo, the Tech on the line helped me out right away. Thanks guys, you have set a real example of how to “Not lose a customer” You have won me over once again!! – W.H. (comment edited for publication)

Thank you so much for giving me a ticket to “Power of the Purse”. I really enjoyed it and I am already using some of the ideas in some of my projects. (My friend) also was very happy to get a ticket. – L, London, ON