I have yet to buy something from these people, but their customer service has been light years better than any other affiliate of Apple and Mac products that I have dealt with. You do not have to book an appointment through your iPad (and wait for a stupid length of time); you just go in, and they will help you. They have real techs who know their stuff; even the owners are in the store working on computers and answering questions. The prices could be a little better, but it’s Apple; Apple charges you just for it being an Apple product. For anyone that needs to get their Apple products fixed or serviced, or for anyone that just needs some help or has questions, I highly suggest going to Mac Outpost. They will always be my go to place for Apple stuff. – Jesse E., from 5 Star Google Review, July 8, 2019

My mother had been having some issues with her MacBook that she was not able to solve after many hours on the phone with Apple. She brought her MacBook with her when she came to visit, and the staff at Mac Outpost were able to get it up and running again – without losing a single photo! Thank you!! – Jenn F. recommends Mac Outpost London on Facebook, July 7, 2019

Last Thurs June 27 my Mac Air decided not to work when I needed it most. Our family had suffered a stressful event and I needed to do computer work to let family and friends know of our situation. When I took my Mac in to be fixed I was assisted by “Thomas” who was most kind and compassionate during my moment of distress. He even provided me with “Kleenex!” i just want to thank him for his compassion in my moment of sadness……Thank You Thomas! My computer is now running smoothly! – Linda F., from 5 Star Google Review, July 5, 2019

I had problems with my iPhone and Virginia Ritchie was very pleasant and helpful. She fixed it immediately. I am a senior so for me it was a big problem. She knew what was wrong and wouldn’t take any payment. I am definitely recommending her to all my old friends. Thanks so much Virginia! – From Facebook recommendation, July 3, 2019

Went in today – Friday before the long weekend and Mac Outpost looked after me until I was comfortable with the changes made earlier to my computer. I had trouble with the upgrades to my computer that didn’t sync with the old files and programs – i expressed my concern to Virginia the manager and she assured me that she would look after me immediately – she put Greg on the task and two hours later -here I am with a working (and secure) computer – many thanks for being professional and getting me going with such short notice. – Pete R., from 5 Star Google Review, June 28, 2019

Manager Scott Henry is a gem. Extremely (knowledgeable) and genuinely cares for his customers. Couldn’t be more grateful for his expertise and guidance. – Krystle T. J. recommends Mac Outpost London, from Facebook June 20, 2019

I can’t wait to go back here and buy my first ipad! there are so many to choose from but Thomas helped me pick the one that suits me most. Great store and great customer service. – Vanessa V., from 5 Star Google Review, June 15, 2019


I recently purchased a refurbished Mac Book Air online and the process was extremely smooth. All my questions were answered immediately and I received my computer very quickly. It looks brand new and works perfectly. The price was affordable and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks (to) John and team. – Fiona, from 5 Star Google Review, June 11, 2019

I normally don’t like going into intimidating tech places like this because I usually find the employees to be stand offish. This was not the case at all when I went to Outpost. The atmosphere felt welcoming. Thomas helped me with my questions and was very friendly and considerate of my poor tech knowledge. This place will definitely be getting my business when my sons go to college and need a laptop! – Cathy V., from 5 Star Google Review, May 31, 2019

Scott and Ira were very helpful. Certainly couldn’t have done it without them. Although I’m a new Imac user I think that with time I will really like it. – Elaine L., from 5 Star Google Review, May 31, 2019