I was in to Mac OutPost the past few days to pickup a screw for my Macbook pro back case, after a battery change where I misplace a screw. Scott was very helpful and was able to locate the a screw in their parts inventory. I offered to pay for it but was told there was no charge. Very polite, friendly and professional service is so nice these days. This was not the case when I first tried the Apple store in the mall. Had to wait in line and was informed by the door attendant I need to book an appointment for a service Tech to look at the laptop. I said I only need one small screw and did they sell this part. They don’t sell it and couldn’t give me one. Would have to leave the laptop for service. Crazy that a 2 min chat with s service tech was not being allowed. I will always look to Mac Outpost first for my Apple products servicing – Greg G., from 5-Star Google Review, December 2023