had a freak accident with my 1year old ipad , the charger end broke off deep in the charger posit. I contacted Mac Outpost, and they told me to come right over to discuss what i needed done. after meeting with Ira Jacob’s, I was given a 50/50 chance it could be fixed, and i could possibly have to get a new one, well low and behold they did it. these guys can really think outside the box. they are the best, very professional and friendly. and quite fast at getting the job done. thank you again Ira – Nancy M., from 5-Star Google Review, December 2023

A couple of months ago, my iPad “died “ – drove to the London Mac Outpost from Tillsonburg fearing the worst. In no time the problem was solved, no horror stories, no sales pitches- thank you Scott. Have been there before and same fantastic service. Will highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again. – Pam F., from 5-Star Google Review, December 2023

I came in with 5 minutes until they closed, the worker who helped me was so patient and kind. He was well informed and solved the problem efficiently. Would highly recommend going to Mac Outpost!  – Lauren C., from 5-Star Google Review, December 2023

I was in to Mac OutPost the past few days to pickup a screw for my Macbook pro back case, after a battery change where I misplace a screw. Scott was very helpful and was able to locate the a screw in their parts inventory. I offered to pay for it but was told there was no charge. Very polite, friendly and professional service is so nice these days. This was not the case when I first tried the Apple store in the mall. Had to wait in line and was informed by the door attendant I need to book an appointment for a service Tech to look at the laptop. I said I only need one small screw and did they sell this part. They don’t sell it and couldn’t give me one. Would have to leave the laptop for service. Crazy that a 2 min chat with s service tech was not being allowed. I will always look to Mac Outpost first for my Apple products servicing – Greg G., from 5-Star Google Review, December 2023

Scott was so helpful and calm.  He was able to trouble shoot my issues and recommend modifications for optimal performance. Thanks Scott! – Hailly B, from 5-Star Google Review, December 2023

Need(ed) a screen replacement on my MacBook Air. Service was exceptional!  Editing to add that I know if I had tried to go into the Apple Store I would have waited a long time for service. Mac Outpost was prompt and even the return of my laptop was faster than the quoted time. – Michelle M., from 5-Star Google Review, November 2023

I went in because I foolishly tried to pop one of my MacBook M1 air keys out because it was sticky. To say the least I messed it up and it was permanently depressed. I went in and in about five minutes they took a quick look at it and fixed it for me and didn’t charge me anything, I would highly recommend Mac outpost. Their customer service is fantastic.. – Perry T., from 5-Star Google Review, October 2023

As an 80 year old I have difficulty with passwords, ID, Apple Account, Apple ID, and lots of Apple stuff.  When I get into a jam with my iPad4 I take it to the Apple Dealer on Wharncliffe Rd. in London, Ont.  and they sort my problem out easily and on two visits so far I have not been charged for my stupidity.  You GO guys…!!…. – Bryan B., from 5-Star Google Review, September 2023

I highly recommend this place because not only was the gentleman polite and very knowledgeable, he cleaned my charging port and didn’t even charge me. I won’t ever go anywhere else. Thanks! – Sharon G., from 5-Star Google Review, September 2023

I was so very pleased with the amazing help I received today from Scott! I am working on my PhD and had lost my desktop items and panicked but went into Mac Outpost. Scott was so incredibly helpful, explained what possibly happened, helped retrieve my ‘lost’ items and suggestions on how to prevent it happening again. I can not tell you how happy and pleased I am with his prompt help! Will be back to the store to ensure that I keep my MacBook Air in tip top shape! – Alana H., from 5-Star Google Review, August 2023