New to Mac Outpost and Outpost2 – Apple Watch!

Apple Watch helps you stay healthy, motivated, and connected. Whether it’s being more active, getting timely notifications, or making a quick payment—a new world of functionality sits right on your wrist. Every Apple Watch features a fast dual-core processor and GPU for amazing performance. And watchOS 3 makes Apple Watch fast, intuitive, and powerful—especially in the quick-yet-meaningful interactions that define the true power of Apple Watch. And with additional bands, you can quickly create a whole new look.

Why Apple Watch Series 1?

It’s affordable and fun—Apple Watch Series 1 makes a great gift. And if you add a colourful Sport Band or Woven Nylon band, you’ll have options for expressing your personal style.

You’ll enjoy messages and more—Messages are more expressive with full-screen effects. And with Scribble,you’ll enjoy writing words on the display and seeing them converted to text.

You can protect your watch—With AppleCare+ for Apple Watch, you’ll have peace of mind that you get two incidents of accidental damage coverage for a flat service fee. And you can get technical support from Apple experts when you need help. ?

Why Apple Watch Series 2?

It helps you stay motivated—The Activity app automatically tracks how much you move, exercise, and stand during the day. It sends gentle reminders to be more active, and you can share your activity with friends.

It tracks what you do—Apple Watch Series 2 also tracks walking, running, swimming, elliptical training, rowing machines, and more, so you can monitor your workouts. And it stores all of your exercise data in the Activity app on your iPhone.

There’s nothing else to carry—You can pair Apple Watch Series 2 with wireless headphones and put your music on your watch, so you have your favourite music with you when you exercise. And the built-in GPS provides accurate distance and speed, and it records your route, so you can view a map after you’re done.

It’s more than a fitness tracker—With notifications, Apple Pay, and amazing apps, you can stay connected, make a quick payment, and follow your interests all on your wrist. And if you add a leather or stainless steel band, such as Classic Buckle, Milanese Loop, or Link Bracelet, you can quickly create a whole new look.

Why Apple Watch Edition – Series 2?

It’s strong and beautiful—Apple Watch Edition now comes in a white ceramic case, and it’s sleek and light. And since it’s more than four times as hard as stainless steel, the pearl-like finish is extremely durable.